We understand craft labor is an ongoing issue. We know it won't take care of itself. What may be an issue for many is an opportunity for us. The solution: Apprenticeship Training.

Now accepting 2024 Apprenticeship Applications.

If you want a learn a skilled trade and create a profitable career in a great industry while still earning a paycheck, fill out this application and let’s talk.

Did you know Birmingham and Associates has its own dedicated onsite training center and customized apprenticeship program for the work we perform?  We understand and believe sustainability in this profession is contingent on one thing:  Craft Training.  Of the many ways we prepare our employees for success and ensure our customers the quality they have grown to expect. 

As far back as 2004, we recognized the major issue in our industry with skilled craftsmen.  To overcome this and provide an advantage over the competition, we dedicated almost five years of time and resources in developing in developing the necessary training to equip new people with the skills of our trade.  Our two year apprenticeship program was submitted and approved by the Federal Government Department of Labor.

As a worker graduates from our apprenticeship program, they will leave with the necessary skills needed to perform their work according to both OSHA guidelines and industry standards.  Contact Chris Frederick at cfrederick@birminghamassoc.com for further information about our federal approved training program.


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