This is a true design-build project where we acted at the General Contractor. We coordinated the design, detailing, geotechnical site testing, helical pile installation, floor drains, foundations, and concrete slab.

Birmingham and Associates, Inc fabricated the structural framing along with the mezzanine, stairs, and handrails in our shop. We erected the structural framing, secondary framing, bracing, mezzanine system, stairs, sheeting and trim. All structural framing, secondary framing, bracing, stairs and handrails are galvanized.

The roof, walls, trims, gutters, and downspouts are made of 24 ga 304B Stainless Steel. All of the mezzanine decking and stair treads are made from fiberglass grating. The mezzanine system has been designed to hold a 5,300 lb. rotary screen for loading the trucks.

This building is being utilized in a highly corrosive environment. The galvanized framing, stainless sheeting, and fiberglass grating will ensure that this building will last much longer than your typical metal building.