Project: Enviroflight Emergence Rooms
Location: Maysville, KY
Owner: Darling Ingredients
Date Completed: December 2020

Enviroflight needed to make their (8) Emergence Rooms so tight, that even flies can’t get through as well as watertight enough that the rooms can be washed down on a regular basis.

The (8) rooms were 18’-6” x 13’-6” each. Our scope included demolishing the existing drywall and insulation from the walls and ceiling. We furred out the walls and installed new 24 ga 304B stainless steel walls, ceilings, and trims. Every panel was sealed at each sidelap and ends. All trims were broke and installed in such a way to prevent flies from escaping or laying eggs. We coordinated work with the spray foam and duct work subcontractors. The project was finished safely and on schedule.

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