Project: Calhoun Automotive Technology
Location: Tanner, AL
Owner: Calhoun Community College
GC: Lee Builders
Date Completed: March 2020

This project is a 17,243 SF PEMB provided by American Buildings. This building started with the “low price” out of town erector.  After the roof was laid and the starting the canopy soffit, the original erector realized they made some huge mistakes. The panel overhang was incorrect, and the soffit framing was out of square. After realizing they bit off more than they, the original erector skipped town. We were called to the rescue to make the corrections and finish the project., and we were happy to help!

After making the roof corrections, we seamed the roof and installed the trims. Being a certified ABC roof installer, we were able to confidently offer the No Dollar Limit Warranty. We re-worked the sloped soffit framing on all (4) sides of the building. We meticulously installed the concealed fastener soffits and trims.

On the inside, we finished connecting the frame braces left by the previous erector. We installed the wall liners, working around existing ductwork and conduit in many locations.

In order to make up for lost time, we worked well with several other trades. This involved continually moving around to allow other trades to stay on schedule. 

Lee Builders, Inc was incredible to work with. They fully trusted us to make take care of them and we appreciated the opportunity! 

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