Project: Church of the Highlands- Gadsden
Location: Gadsden, AL
Owner: Church of the Highlands
GC: Johnson Kreis
Date Completed: September 2020

We furnished and installed a 43,810 PEMB from Mesco. The building is 30’ tall at the highest point. The building consists of 2 ½” x 22 ga Insulated Wall panels on the exterior. There are (22) windows, (6) duct openings, (6) walk doors, (3) large storefronts, and (1) overhead door. There are parapets on (3) sides varying in height. There is a color change at the (3) storefront entries.

The roof consisted of a trapezoidal standing seam roof. The insulation is R-30 banded in most areas with an R-30 over the purlin in the Assembly Area. There is a mixture of both black and white vinyl insulation. The roof carries a 20 year No-Dollar Limit Warranty.

The roof is loaded with (19) RTU’s, (9) roof exhaust fans, and a roof hatch. Behind the parapet in the Commons area is a welded valley gutter and PVC downspouts hidden inside the walls.

The interior air lock framing and canopy support framing was fabricated on site, painted, and installed by Birmingham & Associates, Inc. 

The primary steel and insulated wall panels were erected using crane trucks owned by Birmingham & Associates, Inc. and operated by in-house Certified Crane Operators. All equipment on the slab utilized boots and diapers to protect the finished concrete.

This PEMB was erected with heavy, yet safe coordination with all trades. The building was dried in on schedule despite regular afternoon summertime storms.

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