Project: Darpro Roof Retrofit
Location: Tama, IA
Owner: Darling Ingredients
Date Completed: September 2020

This project is a 3,623 SF retrofit roof. After a derecho completely demolished the roof of the Darpro Rendering plant in Tama, IA on August 10th, we were on site the very next day to assess the damage and get to work. The existing roof was rotted enough that it would not support the loads of a new framing system. We then engineered, fabricated, delivered, and installed new clear span rafters to attach to the existing columns. We provided a new insulated roof, trims, and gutter. The existing endwall sheets were removed and replaced with new wall panels and insualtion. All of this was provided along with a set of sealed engineering drawings. The rafters and stub columns were fabricated in our shop in Birmingham, AL.

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