Project: Embridge Roof demolition and Room/Wall Modifications
Location: Mt. Pleasant TN.
Owner: Embridge Corp.
GC: Walden Construction
Date Completed: November 2020

Removed existing roof of pump room, approximately 3500 square foot of flat roof and decking. Installed primary and secondary framing for a symmetrical gable roof system and standard PEMB wall framing. Walls were framed for eight (4 each side) 2x8 louvers installed by B&A. Roof and walls were insulated and covered with Type-R thru fastened wall and roof sheeting. Wall and roof were trimmed out for watertight seal and downspouts and gutter installed on sidewalls.

Safety is a great concern for the Owner and Birmingham & Associates. Embridge supplies natural gas & oil from Canada and the upper mid-west to the gulf coast. Disruption to this pipeline is not an option. All safety concerns were engineered out prior to job start.
Building construction was completed early and under budget.

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