Project: FKC-Lakeshore Head Frame
Location: Northport, AL.
Owner: Warrior Met Coal
Date Completed: January 2021

Furnished labor, equipment & tools for the offload and erection of 120’ tall head frame over an 1,800 ft. deep elevator shaft. Items included where fabricated, galvanized structural steel tower componence. Framing included the elevator shaft, above grade rails, framing, grating and handrails to the top platform. Set 2-30,000 lbs. sheaves at 65’ and 85’ heights for cable support of the elevator. Elevator was installed after framing completion. Birmingham & Associates was kept on site for time & material work after completion of the project.
Job was completed on time and under budget. All employees on site are MSHA certified prior to arriving on site. All safety measures needed and required were in place and used.

Equipment used were 80 & 135 ft. boom lifts, 10,000 lbs. lull, 80- & 150-ton cranes.

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