FKC- Lakeshore Service Headframe Structure

Project: FKC-Lakeshore Head Frame Location: Northport, AL. Owner: Warrior Met Coal GC: Date Completed: January 2021 Furnished labor, equipment & tools for the offload and erection of 120’ tall head frame over an 1,800 ft. deep elevator shaft. Items included where fabricated, galvanized structural steel tower componence. Framing included the elevator shaft, above grade rails, … Read More

US Pipe South Melt Shop Wall

Project: 202106 R&R Sheeting and Sub-framing Location: Fairfield, AL Owner: US Pipe GC: Plant Maintenance Date Completed: January 2021 Removed and replaced approximately 7200 sq. ft. on existing wall sheeting, facia, and sub-framing on east side of mold shop at the US Pipe facility in Fairfield Alabama. Power was disconnected thru Owner coordination at locations … Read More

Embridge Roof demolition and Room/Wall Modifications

Project: Embridge Roof demolition and Room/Wall Modifications Location: Mt. Pleasant TN. Owner: Embridge Corp. GC: Walden Construction Date Completed: November 2020 Removed existing roof of pump room, approximately 3500 square foot of flat roof and decking. Installed primary and secondary framing for a symmetrical gable roof system and standard PEMB wall framing. Walls were framed … Read More

Tyson Humboldt

Birmingham and Associates worked with Weitz Construction to build a new Truck unloading building at Tyson Foods Humboldt Tennessee Plant. The scope of work included design and fabrication of a hybrid type steel building (By B&A’s Fabrication Shop) around an existing 120’0” tall grain silo tower. Work began in November 2019 and scheduled to be … Read More